Chief Risk Officer Network

The CRO Network is open to Chief Risk Officers working in banks. We help risk leaders overcome challenges across ALM, operational, market and credit risk.

Benchmark your priorities

See how your areas of strategic importance rank against other network members. 

Validate your plans

Compare your progress with other senior risk leaders who are working on similar initiatives. 

Find your professional match

Our tailored onboarding process places you in working groups with peers facing similar challenges to yours. 

Who can join the CRO Network?

Run by, the global information brand for financial risk management, the CRO Network is the premier community for senior bank risk leaders. We welcome chief risk officers and heads of risk functions from banks of any shape or size. Whether your strategic priorities lie within ALM, credit, market or operational risk, we will partner you with peers facing similar challenges  

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What do we offer?

The CRO Network is a membership service. Your annual membership fee will give you access to;

  • High-level benchmarking: all CRO Network members identify their top priorities. See how yours stack up

  • Project-level validation: compare progress with other risk managers who are working on the same initiatives as you

  • Problem-solving: collaborate with fellow members of the network on challenges and roadblocks

  • Horizon-scanning: best practice is changing all of the time. Be first to hear about new ideas, before they’ve been widely socialised 

  • Confident reporting: when your management or board want to know how other banks are doing it, give them up-to-date, first-hand info