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History of Risk.net

Risk.net was launched in 2001 – a landmark event as it meant Risk magazine’s content was available online for the first time.

In subsequent years the website grew significantly as this shift from print to digital continued apace. Other magazines from the Risk.net family hosted their content on the site, and were followed by the highly technical Risk Journals.

As the site improved, so too did the experience for our users. Previously they’d have to sign up to multiple magazine subscriptions in order to access the breadth of information they receive today. And they now access articles as soon as they break, instead of waiting for a magazine to land on their desks.

Below is a full timeline of Risk.net’s history.

Exit timeline

A giant leap for mobile users

Risk.net switches to a responsive design – making it easier to use on mobiles.

The 5 desks are formed

Following customer feedback, five new desks are formed to better reflect the changing dynamics of the market. Editorial teams are now grouped around the five key areas of Risk Management, Markets, Regulation, Commodities and Asset Management. From the content produced on Risk.net, a number of monthly curated editions are created, serving Risk, Energy, Operational Risk, Insurance, Structured Products and Asia.

A new type of app

Risk.net Live app is launched. It is continuously updated with the most recent content from the site, and allows users to download the latest articles to read on the move. Even when they’re offline.

More content than ever for our users

Risk.net users are able to access a wealth of new content thanks to the launch of the Business and Journals packages. For the first time users can access every article from all magazines or journals. The Premium package is launched at the same time, allowing users to access all content from both the magazines and journals. With the launch of these packages, all content is written for Risk.net first. The top online articles are then used to form the latest issues of the various magazines and journals in the Risk.net family.

6 more apps are launched

Apps for Asia Risk, Energy Risk, Hedge Funds Review, Insurance Risk, Operational Risk & Regulation and Structured Products are launched.

Yet more content

Hedge Funds Review is added to Risk.net.

Our first app

Risk magazine app is launched.

Highly technical content is introduced

Risk Journals are added to Risk.net.

Risk.net gets a huge injection of content

Asia Risk, Energy Risk, Life & Pension Risk, Operational Risk & Compliance and Structured Products are added to Risk.net.

2 more join the fold

Structured Products and Insurance Risk (then called Life & Pension Risk) magazines are launched.

Risk.net goes live

Risk.net is launched and features content from Risk magazine.

Another print title is revealed

Hedge Funds Review magazine is launched.

More publications join the family

Energy Risk, Operational Risk (then called Operational Risk & Compliance) and Asia Risk magazines are launched.

Where it all began…

Where it all began…

Exit timeline