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At Risk.net we believe information gives you an edge, particularly in complex markets. That’s why we cover risk management and risk transfer in more depth than anyone else – it helps our customers make better business decisions.

Risk.net is the world’s leading source of in-depth news and analysis on risk management, derivatives and regulation.With so much changing in these fields, market participants need trusted, detailed intelligence and analysis on what it means for their companies and careers, their clients and competitors.

That’s where Risk.net comes in. Risk.net delivers unmatched coverage of complex issues that are ignored or under- reported elsewhere. We regularly break stories, but are not trying to compete in the provision of real-time news. Instead, we look at topics in detail, assess the implications, speak with practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders, and write more detailed, analytical pieces.

Ultimately our users are able to make better, more informed decisions thanks to the information we provide. And they’ve been relying on our intelligence in various formats since as far back as 1987.

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History of Risk.net

Our insight gives you the advantage

We know insight gives you the advantage – that’s why we deliver exclusive content on the business issues that matter to you.

Our team of analysts, journalists and producers helps you connect the dots to understand the inter-relationships between risk management, risk transfer, policy, technology and innovation.

We are focused on helping you achieve the best results – either to generate new business opportunities or track emerging best practice – with our unique intelligence.

Integrity, Impact, Vision, Resilience

Nothing is more important than our integrity. Impartial and trustworthy content is at the heart of who we are.

We are here to create an impact and to add value externally for our customers and internally for our teams.

We have a vision of where our markets are heading. Our role is to think big, identify and explain shifts in our markets. We deal in trendlines rather than headlines.

We are resilient. Our customers rely on us, so we have to be here for the long term, anticipating and adapting to new dynamics in our markets and our own industry.

Authoritative, Collaborative, Thought-provoking

We provide an authoratative account of market trends, using an analytical approach based on multiple perspectives to bring clarity and insight to complex topics.

Our collaborative approach brings people and solutions together from across our markets to drive innovation and address industry challenges.

We deliver thought-provoking content, we break new ground and explore new territories, uncovering the potential for disruption and enabling change through valuable, actionable insights.

We have an editorial team of 40 based in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The team is made up of five desks, with each specialising on a specific area. Click on the tabs below to find out more.

Risk Management

This desk produces articles relating to the measurement, modelling and management of financial risks. Coverage encompasses banks, as well as other types of financial services firms, such as asset managers and insurers.

The risk management team covers issues such as operational risk, legal risk, risk culture and governance, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, risk transfer, risk modelling, valuation and prudential regulation.

They produce content for risk management professionals, mostly at banks, but also at other types of financial services firms. This includes chief risk officers, heads of risk management and heads of operational risk, in addition to more junior risk management staff. However, traders, analysts, quants, third-party vendors, consultants and IT professionals are all likely to find value in some aspects of our coverage.

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This desk provides in-depth coverage of the derivatives markets across the interest rate, credit, foreign exchange and structured products asset classes. The over-the-counter markets are their primary target, but they also cover futures and cash as they relate to the derivatives markets (for example as collateral or alternative hedging instruments).

While the ongoing upheaval of the regulatory framework governing the derivatives market is very important, the derivatives desk is focused on the practical impart the new rules have on the trading of derivatives. They don’t focus on the detail of the actual rules, as that is the responsibility of the regulation desk.

The audience for this desk includes derivatives traders, sales people, quants and structurers at the Tier 1-3 international dealers, national champion banks and non-bank market makers, derivatives traders at buy-side firms, corporate treasurers, and derivatives and market structure experts at regulators and central banks. Plus the firms that service these areas, including CCPs, exchanges, brokers, law firms, consultancies and tech vendors.

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The regulation desk provides topical, in-depth news and analysis on the content and implications of regulation. They focus on rules affecting risk transfer and risk management for banks and buy-side firms.

The key topics they focus on are prudential regulation, macroprudential regulation and market regulation.

Prudential regulation refers to rules designed to ensure the safety and soundness of the banking industry (Basel, FRTB, IRRBB etc).

Macroprudential regulation refers to the looser frameworks that are designed to enable central banks and supervisors to avoid or manage asset bubbles.

Market regulation refers to the rules that affect specific products, platforms or markets. Primarily this means the G20 derivatives reform agenda that impose clearing, execution and reporting requirements on swaps, and in some cases futures (Emir and Dodd-Frank, but also their equivalents in other G20 jurisdictions).

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This desk covers risk management, derivatives and regulation from the point of view of the buy-side. That includes asset managers, insurers, pension funds and hedge funds.

Risk management coverage focuses mainly – but not exclusively – on market risk. For insurers and pension funds this means paying special attention to interest rate risk and to how institutions manage and match their assets and liabilities. The team follows the work of asset managers and hedge funds to model, understand and manage investment risk on behalf of customers.

Derivatives coverage focuses on changes in market practice and how they affect the buy-side, dislocations in pricing that reflect fundamental or structural changes in the market, and broader changes in the industry that affect buy-side firms.

Regulatory coverage encompasses Solvency II and how that affects insurance company capital and risk management. The team also tracks the effects of Emir and Mifid II on the buy-side.

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HSBC Global Markets offer sophisticated 24-hour coverage across our main trading and sales platforms in London, New York and Hong Kong, and we provide a wide range of solutions for our Corporate and Institutional clients. Our knowledge of local markets, coupled with HSBC's global reach, enables us to provide a comprehensive and bespoke service across every major asset class.
We provide access to Equities, Fixed Income including Credit and Rates, Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Prime Services, in addition to Research, across both developed and emerging markets.
As a global investor, by partnering with us you'll benefit from HSBC's local knowledge in over 60 countries, balanced by our understanding of global economics.
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BNP Paribas is a leader in banking and financial services and has a long association with the official institutions' sector. The Group is present in nearly 75 countries globally enabling clients to benefit from a range of services including corporate & institutional banking; asset servicing and asset management. www.bnpparibas.com BNP Paribas Asset Management is the asset management arm of BNP Paribas, and offers high value-added solutions to individual savers, companies, and institutional investors. We have a broad range of skills in four investment divisions: Equities, Fixed Income, Private Debt & Real Assets, and Multi-Asset, Quantitative and Solutions (MAQS). Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and investment decision-making process. Our aim is to achieve long-term sustainable investment returns for our clients. We have assets under management of USD 475 billion (as of 30 September 2019), with 520+ investment professionals and 500+ client servicing specialists, serving clients in 71 countries. To learn more, visit bnpparibas-am.us.

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Bank for International Settlements

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As an asset manager, BlackRock invests on behalf of our clients. The firm was founded in March 1988 on the belief that experienced investment professionals using a disciplined investment process and sophisticated analytical tools can consistently add value to client portfolios. As of Dec 31 2019, we were entrusted with over $7trillion in assets, managed across our expertise in fixed income, cash management, equity and alternative asset classes and risk management.

We recognise that official institutions face unique challenges, particularly today in an environment where the trusted mantra of “Safety, Liquidity, Return” have become a paradox, with new risks and uncertainties emerging.  Indeed, official institutions around the world look to BlackRock for investment management, risk management and advisory services, taking  advantage of BlackRock’s broad global investment platform and expertise across a robust spectrum of asset classes that span the full risk spectrum. 

Winning the Asset Manager of the Year award by the Central Banking Publications (2014, 2015 and again in 2017), Consultancy and Advisory Services Provider of the Year in 2016, Leaders in Reserve Management Services in 2018 and Innovation in Reserve Management this year is a testament to the trust and partnership we have from our official institutions clients.

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Calypso Technology, Inc.  是一家跨金融資產涵蓋前中後台交易並提供雲端服務的解決方案供應商,目前於全球60個國家的金融市場中擁有35,000專業使用者。其軟體屢獲殊榮、備受讚譽,極大地提升了資本市場、投資管理、中央銀行業務、清算、財務交易、流動性和抵押品等若干垂直領域的可靠性、適應性及可擴展性。Calypso近期致力於透過創新雲端微服務及區塊鍊分散式帳本技術(DLT)以降低交易成本及改善時間價值。


Calypso是Calypso Technology, Inc. 在美國、歐盟及其他司法管轄區的註冊商標。其他各方的商標或服務標識屬於且應被視為其各自所有者的財產。

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Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) a global fintech leader with more than US$4 billion in annual revenue, provides investor communications and technology-driven solutions for broker-dealers, banks, mutual funds and corporate issuers globally. Broadridge’s investor communications, securities processing and managed services solutions help clients reduce their capital investments in operations infrastructure, allowing them to increase their focus on core business activities. With over 50 years of experience, Broadridge’s infrastructure underpins proxy voting services for over 50 percent of public companies and mutual funds globally, and processes more than US$5 trillion in fixed income and equity trades per day. Broadridge employs approximately 10,000 full-time associates in 16 countries.

For more information about Broadridge, please visit www.broadridge.com.




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FIS™ is the world's largest global provider dedicated to financial technology solutions. FIS empowers the financial world with software, services, consulting and outsourcing solutions focused on retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, risk and compliance, trade enablement, transaction processing and record-keeping. FIS’ more than 53,000 worldwide employees are passionate about moving our clients’ business forward.

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