At Risk.net  we believe information gives you an edge, particularly in complex markets. That’s why we cover risk management and risk transfer in more depth than anyone else – it helps our customers make better business decisions.

Kris Devasabai, Editor-in-chief

What do we cover?

Risk management

This desk produces articles related to the measurement, modelling and management of financial risks. Our coverage encompasses banks, as well as other types of financial services firms, such as asset managers and insurers.

The risk management team covers issues such as operational risk, legal risk, risk culture and governance, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, risk transfer, risk modelling, valuation and prudential regulation.

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This desk provides in-depth coverage of the markets across the derivative, interest rate, credit, foreign exchange and structured products asset classes.

Our primary focus is on over-the-counter markets, but we also cover futures and cash as they relate to the derivatives markets (for example, as collateral or alternative hedging instruments).


The regulation desk provides topical, in-depth news and analysis on the content and implications of regulation. We focus on rules affecting risk transfer and risk management for banks and buy-side firms.

The key topics they focus on are prudential regulation, macroprudential regulation and market regulation.

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This desk covers risk management, markets and regulation from the point of view of the buy-side. That includes asset managers, insurers, pension funds and hedge funds.

Risk management coverage focuses mainly – but not exclusively – on market risk. For insurers and pension funds, this means paying special attention to interest rate risk and to how institutions manage and match their assets and liabilities. The team follows the work of asset managers and hedge funds to model, understand and manage investment risk on behalf of customers.

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