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Bespoke packages for educational organisations large and small.

Every academic institution has it’s own unique information needs.
With Risk.net Academic you’ll create your own package to fit your requirements. 

You’ll decide:

1. How many users to include
You can give access to just a small number of students, but it’s just as easy to tailor your package to include all your students and staff. And as more users sign up, the cost per user drops.

2. Which content the users can access
There’s a wealth of content available on Risk.net. There’s our business analysis features, chapters from Risk Books and individual papers from Risk Journals. Some may not be relevant to your students, so we allow you to pick and choose exactly what they can read.

3. How the users can access the content
Risk.net content is available in a range of formats. The primary one being our website, but we also offer a range of print publications and apps.

If you’d like to trial our content before signing up to a Risk.net Academic package then please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your options.

Simply fill in the form with your details. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team on:

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What can be included in an Academic package?

Risk Journals content

Highly technical papers taken from the 9 Risk Journals.

News and analysis articles

Allowing you to understand what the latest events mean for you.

Risk Books content

Read any chapters from our vast library of titles.

All apps from the Risk.net family

Access the information you need anytime, anywhere.

'Cutting Edge' articles

Peer-reviewed quant finance research papers.

Print publications

Delivering a collection of top recent articles straight to your desk.

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Build your own Risk.net Academic package. Choose from:

Online access to all Risk Journals content

Risk Journals deliver peer-reviewed research covering financial risk topics such as credit risk, operational risk, investment strategies, commodities, infrastructures, derivatives, regulation and more.

These papers provide original and innovative analysis you may not find anywhere else, ensuring those studying the ever-changing complexity of risk management are kept up-to-date.

Risk Books content

Risk Books cover a wide base of subjects within finance ranging from derivatives, hedge funds, quant analysis, credit, regulatory issues and operational risk through to the energy, insurance and currency markets.

Although some subject areas are viewed as niche, the appeal and audience for these titles are broad. The content, though very popular amongst academics, is equally consumed by, and extremely useful for, practitioners, investors and corporate users.

Associations with GARP and the SOA reflects the fact that Risk Books content is not only cutting edge but also illuminating; helping to shape thinking and learning around esoteric subjects.

All Risk Books are written and edited by leading professionals and academics. Indeed, it has been the enduring goal over 20 years of publishing to establish relationships with writers and editors of the highest calibre, and produce books that make a genuine difference.

‘Cutting Edge’ articles

Risk.net regularly publishes peer-reviewed quant finance research papers. These sit under the ‘Cutting Edge‘ section of the site.

Cutting Edge provides technical papers across a range of topics including market and credit risk measurement and management, the pricing and hedging of derivatives, theoretical modelling of markets and portfolios and the modelling of energy and commodity markets.

These papers provide original analysis you may not find anywhere else with the aim of evaluating key hypotheses among the financial management fields.

Articles go through a stringent process to make sure they meet the high standards required to be published on our site.

News and analysis articles

Risk.net delivers unmatched coverage of complex issues that are ignored or under-reported elsewhere.

We regularly break stories, but are not trying to compete in the provision of real-time news. Instead, we look at topics in detail, assess the implications, speak with practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders, and write detailed, analytical pieces about them.

Apps from the Risk.net family

You can also have access to the Risk.net app and the Risk Journals app.

The Risk.net app updates throughout the day and provides users with a variety of exclusive features:

  • Scrapbook feature: found on the main menu, this allows you to save articles and read them offline
  • Magazine issues: read and download Risk and Asia Risk magazine issues
  • Operational Risk: access and read dedicated operational risk content on the go
  • Search bar function: simply tap into any article to use the search bar
  • Risk Quantum: exclusive content for Premium subscribers

Print publications

We also offer you the opportunity to receive print magazines and/or journals.

They collate top recent articles from Risk.net in one place. And then deliver them straight to your desk.

“A subscription to Risk Journals saves me time finding the latest research.”
Professor, University of Toronto

What makes Risk.net unique?

Risk.net hosts a wealth of content – from news and analysis pieces through to highly technical content.

Hear what members of our editorial team say makes us so special.

Technical content

Discussed by the Journal of Risk’s Editor-in-Chief, Farid AitSahlia.

News & analysis

Discussed by Risk.net’s Editor-in-Chief Duncan Wood and his team.


Is there a special academic discount rate?

Academics are entitled to a highly discounted rate. The more users registered on subscription, the better value you receive thanks to a volume discount.

To find out more please speak to a member of our team today:

UK & Europe: +44 (0) 20 7316 9300
Americas: +1 646 736 1850
Asia & ROW: +852 3411 4828
[email protected] 

How far does the Risk Journals archive go back?

The archive of each journal varies according to when they first started being published. The Journal of Computational Finance is our oldest journal and the archive dates back to 1997.

If there’s low usage, can I cancel my subscription?

We work with you to find the best pricing solution. We can share usage reports so when it’s time to renew, you can use these insights to determine the price of your new subscription.

Do I still have access to the Risk Journals archive after the subscription has lapsed?

All online access will cease once a subscription has lapsed, including the Risk Journals archive.

If you would like to continue your access after expiry you can get in contact to renew your subscription via the following details:

UK & Europe: +44 (0) 20 7316 9300
Americas: +1 646 736 1850
Asia & ROW: +852 3411 4828 
[email protected]

How often are the journals printed?

All Risk Journals except the Journal of Risk are quarterly prints. So throughout a 1 year subscription you will receive 4 print copies of the journal(s) of your choice.

The Journal of Risk is a bi-monthly print consisting of 6 print copies.

How many people can access one subscription?

Access is not limited. Many academic institutions choose an IP subscription so any student can access Risk.net.

To find out more please speak to a member of our team today:

UK & Europe: +44 (0) 20 7316 9300
Americas: +1 646 736 1850
Asia & ROW: +852 3411 4828
[email protected].

How do I renew my subscription?

You can renew by emailing us at [email protected] or speaking to your account manager. We will, however, get in contact with you near the time of your renewal.