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Our website is the world’s leading source of in-depth news and analysis on risk management, derivatives and regulation. It was originally launched in 2001 as an online portal which hosted content from print magazines in the family. Since then it has grown and developed, and now boasts an archive of over 58,000 articles.

You can access on any device when you’re online. However, you’ll notice that the website looks different when viewed on a mobile when compared to a desktop PC. This is because the site is ‘responsive’ – it automatically reformats text, images and navigation to perfectly fit any device. So no matter whether you’re using on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, our content is always easy to read and navigate.

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There are a range of apps in the family.

The live app is perfect for your commute. It allows you to download the latest articles from the site and then read them anywhere – even when you’re offline. The app also allows you to save and share articles, and customise the content you see.

Our magazine and journal apps allow you to view our print publications in a digital format, and are saved to your device so you can create your own archive of issues. You can view them on any iOS or Android device, as well as your browser via our web app.

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Email newsletters email newsletters help you stay on top of the site’s latest content. They also allow you to customise your news feed. You decide exactly what information gets sent to your inbox, so you only receive articles within your areas of interest.

You can receive newsletters on a range of categories including:

  • Investing
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  • Risk management

We also offer more general news updates which you can choose to receive on a daily or weekly basis.

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Print publications

There are a wide range of print publications within the family. Our monthly titles include the renowned Risk magazine, as well as the market-leading publication Asia Risk.

Our quarterly journals contain highly technical information and are particularly popular with quants, analysts and academics. They cover a broad range of topics including computational finance, operational risk, risk management, and credit risk.

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Social Media has groups on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Follow us today and you’ll see we regularly post interesting articles and thought pieces.

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